Oct 7, 2012


As some of you might have noticed already, I changed my URL. This change has different reasons. 

1. I wanted to make my blog more personal by including my real name into the URL.
2. I was always a little scared, that Chanel could come after me because of the name 'ohcocochanel'

I don't think that I have to explain a lot about the new name of my blog, I just combined the name 'vicky' with the word 'inspiration' because a lot of the things I post on my blog are just things that inspire me in my everyday life. But I do also post some personal things sometimes, that's why I wanted to include my name in it. I'm not sure if this is the name I'm keeping forever but I hope so.

I also changed the URL of my tumblr to vickynspiration.tumblr.com so make sure to follow this one as well.

And to follow my blogspot on bloglovin just click here.

I hope you guys will still follow my blogs! And if you have any questions about the change, just post them in the comments section below.

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